• Q: How can I migrate my listings from other marketplaces (e.g. Pallet)?

  • Q: What is 'loyalty'?

  • A: Your loyalty % is based on your Quik listings vs. total listings including other platforms (e.g. Pallet). If you only list on Quik, your loyalty will be 100%. e.g. if you have 99 listings on Quik and 1 listing on Pallet, your loyalty will be 99 / 100 = 99%.

  • Q: Where does my NFT go when I list/buy it on Quik?

  • Q: Where does my money go when I sell an NFT on Quik?

  • Q: How does this impact security?

  • A: In practice, it doesn't. Funds and NFTs in the smart wallet are safeguarded with industry-leading protocols, ensuring your assets are protected at all times. No one, including the Quik team, can access your assets as the private keys are programmatically managed and stored safely in a programmatic-read-only encrypted store - just like leading exchanges out there.

  • Q: What is the Quik points system and how does it work?

  • A: The Quik points system is an innovative rewards mechanism designed to enhance user engagement and loyalty on the Quik platform. Traders earn points through listing, bidding, buying, and selling NFTs. It's explained in detail on this page.

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